Anybody make their own midi controllers? lets make an instrument

I know a luthier i was trying to get to do something more up to date with midi guitar but he was a traditionalist, however he does work with carbon fiber and with eigenlabs pretty much out of the picture and the endlesss app creating an entire new generation of electronic musicians i suspect a multi-polyphonic guitar like carbon fiber instrument would be the hit, 
all i have to do is somehow get facebook to let me back on my page i was banned from even though i hadnt been on it in months lol. I am calling them tomorrow. The button idea is a good one as is the breath controller have to think of something to change so there's no copy-write issues, they have the ones like the morph, then you have the sea board, the artiphon and all that - none of them quite touch the eigenharp though.
 From a business standpoint eigenlabs had two fatal errors - prohibitive cost, obscure programming language - yes awesome instrument but just not for the average joe, limiting their customer base to a small niche. They were ahead of their time by about 10 years. I believe mpe pretty much is the death toll for thie obscure language i could be wrong i haven't compared the two.
However they did make it public domain so there are private entities keeping the software alive. personally i would steer clear of that, honestly if those buttons sent mpe data say like the que-neo then you could get jiggy. that controller is fairly pretty versatile if one takes the time to program it..........
So carbon fiber body - buttons that have the mpe capability - all cake.....ergonomic design, extra expression controllers......i will have to look into just what can and cant be done. Entry level product say 400-500 range - midrange 1300 and high end for 2000 puts you right in competition with the big boys right now

If you can make this for a final price of 400-500, then hats off! :slight_smile:
Just be careful with carbon, the dust from cutting and sanding it isn’t healthy, might be better to give it to a professional entity. Carbon fabrication isn’t cheap though…

I’m fascinated with the idea of designing new MIDI instruments/controllers. One problem with creating a controller with a large number of buttons is that this can push the price up quite quickly. If you consider that the Eigenharp Alpha had 120 high-quality multi-directional buttons with a coloured LED…how much are they going to cost each…? Even if you could knock them out for £3 each that’s already £360, just for those buttons.

I’m interested in experimenting with microtonal music. Controllers for that, like the Lumatone and Microzone, have tons of buttons - 280+ for those - and they cost thousands.

I’d have thought 3D printing and laser cutting would be the easiest ways to design and produce the instrument body.

Linnstrument took a fairly economical approach by not having separate buttons. Roger Linn kinda beat you to it though.