Bitwig and expressive play

How many are using Bitwig?
it has a pretty good MPE implementation, with many of their built in instruments supporting it… so its a good choice.

why am I bring Bitwig up now?

because I ‘dusted’ it off after getting an ES-8 for eurorack, and wondered if/how Bitwig would shape up for expressive output.
(note: im only after 1 voice, but I want pitch, timbre, pressure)

so initially it looked like expression would not work, as the main CV instrument only allows you to select pitch and gate outputs :frowning:

BUT the new grid stuff in 3.0 is fantastic… it completely solves the problem,
basically just create your own poly grid instrument, and you can get to pitch/gate/pressure/timbre and direct to CV outputs - yeh!

ok, this approach is not quite the best though, as if you take pitch out, you miss all the pitch calibration options of the CV instrument… so the best solution, is to use the CV instrument for pitch/gate and then use ‘the grid’ for timbre/pressure only.

overall, I have to say the grid is fantastic, is probably the most enjoyable modular environment ive used (most of them :wink: ) … just because they have really ‘nailed’ intelligent patching - makes you realise how tedious connecting cables up is in a traditional virtual modular :wink:



Bitwig’s rep at NAMM this year told me that the Grid was self contained, that Grid output was strictly audio, and that it wouldn’t be usable as a modulation source elsewhere in Bitwig. So I kinda wrote that off as “maybe they’ll make this useful next time.”

Clearly, I was asking the wrong questions…

i guess, that wasn’t announced… as modulators are possible as well :slight_smile:
see last entry on the i/o category…

what you can’t (as of beta 8) do, is create notes/cc outputs…
i.e. its viewed an audio device or fx device, you cannot create a ‘note fx’

edit: hmm. might be the modulator out, can only be used internally within the grid.
this sound similar to note-fx…
they will ultimately no doubt create a note-fx grid, and modulator grid (in a similar way to how we have FX grid and poly grid)

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Does Grid work in 8-track Bitwig? That’s the version I was given with ES-8.

the Grid is part of 3.0 which is in Beta (available to those with a current bitwig license)
they’ve just announced it will be released in August before summer break.

I don’t know how the 8-track version is dealt with… does it get regular updates?
perhaps if they update it to v3, then it will be available.

I’m very glad the Grid allows for proper MPE poly expression and MPE->CV out! I’ve been migrating to VCV Rack more for this sort of thing, as it’s generally pretty easy (though still not painless) to set up with MPE. But between the Grid being poly-expressive by default and Bitwig being better about MPE control of Eurorack, it’s a good time to explore again.


Bitwig 3.0 final is out now. Modular “sub grids” apparently didn’t make it, so currently modules can’t be grouped. But otherwise great! E.g. a neat detail: Different than in most other synths the smoothing for MIDI data (like poly aftertouch) can be switched on and off. So high data rate MIDI modulation should be possible (if the instrument can provide it).