EigenD Linux Build

Looks like EigenD pythoninstall has wx version, No idea about gtk.

I know on the Mac the EigenBrowser and EigenCommander no longer work. So you’re better sticking with Workbench.

Mark posted in 2016 on the Eigenlabs developers forum an invitation for others to help upgrade eigenBrowser and eigenCommander to the wxPython Phoenix API. Phoenix was the first of wxPython-4.0.x series. I didn’t find any follow-up information on whether or not that was achieved, hence my question.

No, I couldn’t get it working, i has various issues which i couldn’t track down , seemed mainly to do with threading and timing which I found very difficult to debug.

I’ve done various other experiments and tests for replacing eigenbrowser and eigencommander but never really had time/motivation to complete them, Partly because most of use have got around this by using workbench instead - and it’s a lot of work to get rewrite them.

Ugh. Debugging threaded real-time stuff can be a slow march into madness.

What needs be done can be handled between Workbench and Stage, from what I’ve so far seen of each. But windows aren’t popping up from the editing buttons on Stage’s Drummer tab. Inconvenient, so gets my first attention.

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