EigenD - macOS 10.15 Catalina


Hi Mark, and lovely member of Eigenharp players.

I installed eigenD 2.1.7 community 64bit and Python version 2.7 on macOS 10.15 Catalina.

It was able to launch, then run with Workbench on macOS Catalina, but the [alpha keyboard 1] agent has disappeared, and it could not recognize Eigenharp alpha itself.

Quick report from Japan.

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I’m not a member of apples dev program, so I won’t have access to it till next month,
so won’t be able to test till then…

did you carefully follow the instructions for 64 bit installation in the release notes.

the 64bit version of EigenD will not work without the 64 bit version of python, and setup as detailed in the above pdf.

if you have followed the above, and its still not working then I’d need to see the latest eigend log file.

this might give us a clue, but im not sure I’ll be able to do anything until I can get Catalina on my MacBook pro.

general for others…

I would recommend you do not upgrade to a new major version of an OS without checking first,
(unless you have a spare machine you don’t usually use, in which case, feel free to be the guinea pig, and report back :slight_smile: )

I will usually upgrade one of my ‘spare’ machines :
a) during the public beta, perhaps not immediately though… as sometimes its best to wait for the ‘dust to settle’
b) when I know ive got time to do something about issues that might arise.

macOS Catalina

Ive not watch the apple keynote, is macOS Catalina dropping all 32bit support?
( I think apple were threatening this)

this is not a big deal… Ive been running the 64 bit version of EigenD for a long time without any issues,
the only thing that could do with a bit of tidying up is the install process.
(unfortunately, I still dont have access to the ‘runtime install’ source code, so I think I need to build that from scratch :frowning: )

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Thank you for your reply.

OK, I carefully pay attention to the release notes PDF and try to reinstall it again.

I’m a beta tester not a programmer, so I don’t know technically thing, but if I’ve noticed something under the influence of Catalina,I will report here.:slightly_smiling_face:


Cool, let me know if instructions are not clear.

( I think a few have got the 64bit running so hopefully accurate!)