Eigenharp for sale?

Desperately searching for a tau or alpha with base station pro. Please if you have any leads on this lmk.

Welcome here!
Just a note: The MIDI DIN ports on the Basestation Pro don’t work (firmware support was never added). So the main advantage of the BSP vs the normal Basestation is the integrated power supply instead of the normal one.and support for more pedals and switches. If you don’t need that the normal Basestation might also be sufficient. Taus can afaik still be bought from Eigenlabs, for Alphas you might have to ask.

Wishing you luck!

P.S.: Have moved the posting to the sell/buy category where it fits better.

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I looked into it. They may be making another batch soon but have none in stock. I have only seen a handful of alphas ever come up. I was unaware of the midi ports being unsupported however. But the addition of the extra pedals would be nice. Tbh I’d just be happy to get Mt hands on one.

Hi Starlord. Where are you based? I have a fully loaded Alpha (silver metalwork, ebony keys, strap, breath pipe, etc.) with a Basestation Pro that I’d possibly be willing to sell if the logistics worked (I’m in the north of England) and the price was right.

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I’m based in the US but I have friends across the pond. I would love nothing more than to work a deal out with you for the alpha. Tbh I never thought I’d find anything besides a tau or Pico and the Pico is just too small for what I’m needing the instrument for. I will try to send you a private message with my contact info.

@markpowell there is no private messaging on this site it seems. Contact me at danktank4202@gmail.com or find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/m.parrish.wrx
I am so glad you reached out thank you so much Mark! Btw I’m also a mark.

@Starlord / @MarkPowell - PMs are generally disabled for users initially, until they build up ‘reputation’ by visiting/interacting on the site more regularly.
however, Ive enabled PMs for you both now.

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Thank you bear! I appreciate you. The search for a alpha or tau has been exceptionally long and frustrating lol. So I very much appreciate the assistance

Hey! I still have a Tau available. LMK if you are interested. I’m in the southern US.

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Hi, I also have a Tau for sale. I’m located in Northern California. Please let me know if anyone is interested in buying!

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Responded to you both via private message can’t wait to hear back thank you guys!!