EigenLite 1.0.0 dev testing

BIG UPDATE (including API changes)

Ive done what I proposed above and now pushed to the dev branch.

this is currently being tested in Meta Morph, and looks very good !

I consider this a major improvement, that all should move to.

basic changes :

  • the main callbacks are now floats, bipolar and unipolar as appropriate.
  • a lot of improvements to values being sent by pico/tau and alpha.
    (there are a myriad of other changes, but hard to track them if Im honest!)

its relatively easy to migrate to the new api, as the the new api simplifies how applications use Eigenharps, so I found mostly I was removing code from the application.

Release Plan:
Meta Morph is being used as the primary ‘test’ for the new code, and will go into Early Access very soon, I will resolve any issues found during that testing.
Once, I’ve enough feedback that there are no major issues then EigenLite 1.0 will be released and moved to the main branch.