ERAE Firmware/Erae Lab version 1.1 - new release

version 1.1 has been released - both firmware and ERAE Lab !

I found completely by accident … so I guess only just gone up :slight_smile:
installing now !

Firmware: (1.1)

  • Buttons + and - now show the current keyboard octave.
  • Improved MIDI Effects, relevant effects now display a MIDI Clock menu.
  • CC states are now shared across all layouts.
  • Changed physical button assignations.
  • Fixed MIDI messages delay.
  • Fixed button note sending two notes off.
  • Fixed wrong API Boundary reply message.
  • Fixed sequencer not starting after clock source change.
  • A bunch of other bugfixes.
  • Miscellaneous graphical improvements.

ERAE Lab (1.1)

  • New line offset logic for Keygrid.
  • Set Return Velocity to vibrato to enable microtonal playing.
  • Miscellaneous graphical improvements and bug fixes.

please replay and comment on this topic , if you notice any changes not included in the above change list. e.g. things just listed as ‘miscellaneous’ :wink:

extras found (so far)

  • manual has been updated (include api spec)
  • new key combos for calibration, standby mode , see this post
  • Ableton Live integration now working, see this post
  • when editing scale/midi parameters you will see which element is selected.
  • ERAE Lab can now create new api zones correctly (see previous api 1.0 bug)


to install firmware:

  • download 1.1 firmware
  • download and install new 1.1 ERAE Lab.
  • connect Erae Touch
  • launch Erae Lab (it will warn that it cannot read/write your layouts)
  • click on the "Erae Touch v1.0.2, in top right
  • you can drag n’ drop firmware file onto the dialog that appears
  • start update, and does this very quickly :slight_smile:

note: you will probably want to backup your layouts as the update overwrites them.


thank you @thetechnobear !

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extra changes Ive spotted :slight_smile:

  • long press HOME : puts Touch in standby
  • HOME + octave down : auto calibration
  • ALT + octave down : manual calibration

(the manual seems to have been updated to include these , except the ‘standby’ mode ?)

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k, some good and bad :wink:

the good :white_check_mark:
the erae manual now has links to the API documentation and the Ableton Live scripts. (*)

the bad :negative_squared_cross_mark:
the ableton script still does not work

EDIT: now working, see post below for working scripts.

(*) Erae manual error (macOS/Ableton)
do not install within the ableton package as the manual suggests, as an ableton update will immediately delete it … and stop it working.

instead it should be installed in
~/Music/Ableton/User Library/Remote Scripts

this is preserved across Live updates.

I had first a failed fw update message. Powered it off, trtried, then success.

some good news, @embodme have now released ableton scripts that work with firmware 1.1

just tested, and its working nice with Ableton Live 11 on my Mac (m1)

see this post for the updated scripts, the ones in the manual are currently not the working ones.