FS (US) Joue, KMI 12 Step, KMI K-Board Pro 4, Novation SL49 MkII

I am trying to Marie Kondo my studio as best I can, and that means moving out stuff that I am just not getting on with. This includes some of the controllers I had brief flings with before settling down and marrying the Linnstrument. :slight_smile:

All items fully operational and cosmetically perfect; buyer responsible for shipping costs (and may specify USPS, Fedex, UPS, insurance amount). Not really interested in trades right now, other than a Radikal Delta CEP A or Moog Mother-32…

All reasonable offers entertained. I am starting a little bit high on one or two of these and will haggle, but I’d rather not lose my shirt.

Joué with the following overlays: 3x Pads, 1x each Area, Bubbles, Strips, Rounds, Fretboard, Scaler, Synth (now discontinued), and Grand Clavier… basically everything except the Grand Fretboard. Mint condition, barely used. $600 to buy à la carte even with bundle pricing on the main unit and a selection of modules; asking $350

KMI 12 Step bass pedal controller, mint (literally unused beyond 10 minutes of testing), normally $299, asking $200

KMI K-Board Pro 4, mint (unused because I got two of them), shipped with padded hardshell briefcase. $895 new without case, case no longer sold and very rare, asking $450

Novation SL49 MkII, mint (only opened once). Obtained for an installation that never happened. This is not the modern Mk3, but the one with the touch-sensitive controls designed for Automap (works fine without it). Just want it out of here, seriously; asking $100

Please direct message me here. Thanks. Photos available on request, but I’d rather not unbox anything if I can help it.


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