How to use the EaganMatrix (ContinuuMini) with other MPE controllers?

fair enough - look forward to seeing/hearing the results :slight_smile:

So let’s say I go for this solution but instead of midmtr I use, say, AUM or ApeMatrix, and pass the continuumini’s sound through it.

Would that be an idea? Excuse my ignorance

To the USB Hub go the Linnstrument, the Haken and the IPad. The iPad is running ApeMatrix which gets all together in the matrix and spits out the sound through the iPad’s line out ???

My experience with iPad setups is limited. But afaik the Continuum doesn’t transport audio via USB. You would need a routing application that routes the midi out from the Linnstrument into the midi in of the ContinuuMini. And then some additional audio in jack on the iPad that you can connect to the audio out jack of the ContinuuMini (separate from USB). Not sure whether the iPad offers audio in? Think e.g. Apogee offers interfaces that allow this - not sure whether they can be used at the same time as the lightning to usb camera adapter?
Which advantage would it be to route the audio through the iPad, do you want to apply effects etc.?

I feel like a more-than-reasonable percentage of this thread should probably be branched off to somewhere in the Haken category.

Good point, moved the thread.
@tiantong feel free to reopen the thread with the same OP in the hardware forum (perhaps with a disclaimer that ContinuuMini-related proposals should better go in here :slight_smile: )

It’s all right. I’m almost 100% for purchasing one of those. Any info about pairing these two is welcomed

Sorry for tangentizing the thread so badly. I am still leaning toward selling my ContinuuMini, and was being more flippant than not about hacking it to pieces (it IS a handmade work of art, after all).

Still, if Lippold and Co. eventually get caught up on filling orders, a standalone MPE-compliant EaganBoard would be exceptionally cool. Hook up a powered hub to it via a USB-A port and connect a K-Board Pro 4, Artiphon Instrument 1, ROLI Seaboard Block, etc., for control… tres cool!

I’d be all over that. But it didn’t sound like commodifying their proprietary sound engine was something they were interested in pursuing.

The thing is, the ContinuuMini scans the surface at such a high rate and with such precision that you would be losing a lot of nuance by using it with other MPE based controllers.

If you actually spend time practicing, it becomes a very rewarding experience and you do get used to the weird playing surface eventually.

I’ve heard this before, but I find the response of the Mini itself slow compared to playing it from the Linnstrument. The Linnstrument brings more vitality and dynamics. I can have both active simultaneously, so it’s very easy to A/B the two.

Are you monitoring directly or through some sort of ASIO enabled interface?
I find the mini reacts instantly to both pressure and pitch. The Y axis is not all that amazing indeed but still useful.

Monitoring directly to an amplifier. It’s the Mini control mechanism that’s slow I find… the Z axis is cumbersome and doesn’t return quickly at all. The EaganMatrix is awesome though, playing it from a Linnstrument really shows off what it can do.

Do you have to tweak the presets, make changes in the sound or can you play them as they come, with the Linnstrument?

I tweak them to be 4 poly, because that’s how I typically play. But other than that not much. Still learning the Matrix though, it’s a deep system.

Well, that’s good news, plug and play. The Matrix is one of the things that makes me doubt, as to the amount of time needed to learn it. But the sounds are so organic…

The sounds are fabulous, it’s so expressive! The Matrix is a little bit of a learning curve, but once you get used to a few basic things (the actual matrix concept itself , and where certain things are accessed) it’s not long before you’re able to edit existing presets. I think getting to the stage where you can dream up something new and then build it might take a while, like a year or two. :slight_smile:

Nice! I’m sitting and listening right now to the HakenAudio channel in Soundcloud. It is deep, meditative, drone-like, experimental but what about faster playing, pluck and keyboard sounds, think Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery or, what the heck, The Chieftains?

So it’s been ordered and I think I have time to think how I will connect them, USB Midi host, or USB port + iPad or Mac or rPi…

Curious what settings you are using on the Linnstrument. I’ve found quite a few Matrix patches that don’t respond well or behave differently when using my Linnstrument. I hope they update the Matrix with more preset slots. I never have enough. Maybe have a way to override the Midi channel settings globally for use with other Midi devices so I wouldn’t have to resave patches with just the channel settings changed.

What MIDI do I need to send to EaganMatrix/Continuumini to change the value of a barrel? I haven’t been able to find any documentation on that.

EDIT: D’oh, I found the answer in the Continuum User Guide, section 14. (I swear I had been through both documents looking for this.)