Spectral analysis for the Continuum

Looks like @Anckorage has been very busy. He’s posted some exciting teasers on the Haken FB page. Hope those going to Superbooth can fill in some more details of how this works and sounds!


yeah, just saw that post… interesting stuff…

here’s the pic for those not on the Haken Facebook grounp

I assume in principle its doing some kind of FFT to get the frequency spectrum of a sample, so you can then use for additive synthesis (?) by using the partials … which then can be exported to Eagen Matrix in its native format? (is the EaganMatrix spectral format documented?)

however, looks like (as always :)) , theres quite a lot more to it in practice, it’ll be interesting to see how the parameters can be used to fine tune the analysis… my assumption is certain settings will work better for different sample content.
It’ll also be interesting to hear, what the final results are on the Continuum etc.

sounds like a good solution, I remember Haken saying they were too interested in sample playback (too limiting to what you can do it?), but this feels like a nice approach.

other synths Ive used which do something like this called it ‘resynthsis’… and it was interesting, though the tools were a bit dodgy … this looks much more focused :slight_smile:

I do find it amusing that Christophe decided to take a picture of the screen with his phone (?) … hence the moire pattern… rather than do a screen/window capture :laughing: .


Catching up… additional reading


Come to the booth next week for a demo :blush:


Oooh, interesting stuff, thanks for posting this @keymanpal

definitely will be popping by @Anckorage :slight_smile:

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Please report back. I am very eager to learn more. Thanks!

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