Synthplex 2020 (and a call for assistance)

At least in Germany even this step could already turn out to be tricky. Even the base incredents (like isopropyl alcohol etc.) are hard to come by from what I read.

Would be more a look and talk, don’t touch exhibition then? Or perhaps people with different backgrounds could try out all the latest cool stuff on Youtube and give their opinions? Not the same as testing oneself, sure…

If it’s not hands-on, it’s pointless. I refuse to give in to fear on this, and while I will have hand sanitizer on hand, I don’t plan to limit folks from touching the controllers unless they have obvious active symptoms of illness (coughing, sneezing, congestion, etc.)

Feel free to fight me on this, but I feel pretty strongly about it. If there are significant restrictions placed by the state or federal government by then, I will leave everything at home. I just hope they don’t cancel Synthplex entirely, which is not beyond the realm of possibility if people panic.


I think that we have to ask people to sanitize before and after, AND make sure their fingers are dry before touching the gear. I think that a roll of paper towels at the booth will allow for that without negating the effect of the sanitizer if it’s had time to soak into the skin.

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The madness continues!

without words… Some apparently buy a 100 year supply of toilet paper, people parking with trucks in front of respiratory mask manufacturer’s factories, asking to buy entire stocks, the local supermarket’s Ravioli can supply has long been depleted.
I’m all for preventing the thing from going pandemic (while keeping rationale). As it looks, people aren’t particularly good with rationality in the face of threats…

This is the best perspective check I’ve found on the subject:

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You might have to put that in checked luggage, if you’re flying.

(It strikes me that, despite panic induced shortages and what not, the TSA probably won’t let you keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your carry-on.)

You can have as many individually sealed packets as you want, but each has to be less than 3.4 fluid ounces / 100 ml.

Actually I may just get some when I’m there, unless it truly has vanished from the shelves. Has it?

Also, Mrs. Spiral suggested that maybe folks could use non-latex surgical gloves to play the instruments? Interesting idea…

Well, they just put Musik Messe on indefinite hold…

Reportedly hand sanitizer has sold out pretty much everywhere, and so have rubbing alcohol and aloe vera gel, which you can use to make your own.

Those are also selling out everywhere. But I don’t know that you’re going to have a harder time finding them in one town or the other.

As of now, Aaron, you’re off the hook for any of your gear. No way am I using disinfectant on the surface of a Soundplane or a ContinuuMini!

I am currently reconsidering doing the petting zoo at all, given the difficulty of keeping all these controllers clean. I am writing to some of the vendors to see what they think; maybe I can bring some of them…



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Announcement just went out:


Due to international travel restrictions and concerns for the health and safety of attendees, vendors, artists, presenters and Synthplex Staff, Synthplex 2020 has been postponed. Please watch for new dates to be announced soon.

Between that and Mountain Skies in Asheville in May being postponed or cancelled, I am looking at not leaving my house until July at the earliest. Disappointed, but still healthy.

I run a max/msp meetup every month in Burbank. We postponed this month’s event to not compete with SynthPlex, but I can’t get any feedback from the venue now, as to whether they want us back in that time-slot. Or when we can reschedule. Or if they’re just not scheduling events anymore.

No clue where we stand. People meeting in public is taboo now.

I guess I’ll start looking into maybe virtualizing the whole affair…

Virtual meetups might get new non-local people interested. Coping with limitations can sometimes lead to unexpected opportunities!

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