14 bit controllers today?

I’m looking for a 14 bit controller that I can use with VCV Rack and wondering if there is something like the MIDI Fighter Twister that is truly 14 bit? Is the upcoming Loom 14 bit? If so, that would be amazing!

Thanks for any info!


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One of the highest resolution controllers for VCV are probably Eigenharps, with the Eigenharp modules from @thetechnobear which don’t do MIDI conversion at all and output native VCV control signals. Not sure what the actual physical resolution of the sensors is, but I somehow think to remember it was around 10-11 bits.
The current release is Mac only atm:


Thanks so much for the response and info!

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There are many that can handle such “mission”,here are some I have that I know to output 14bit:
Electra One
Kenton killamix mini


I appreciate it! Will check them out!


If you can find a used BCR2000, or if Behringer ever releases the BCR32, that can be configured to send 14 bit CCs on every knob.

Conversely, if you have something like max or Bome’s MIDI Translator in the middle, you can actually use a MIDI Fighter Twister despite what anyone tells you.

(you either set it in encoder mode, or I’m pretty sure it continues to output 0 or 127 when you turn past either extreme. so, you just use those to drive a running total. it will take several revolutions to complete your journey, but that’s still more precise than relying on tiny finger movements.)


Morph does 14-bit, bur second hand only with I guess uncertainty about its future


ok, I think this is a bit confusing…

sounds like OP is looking for a playing surface (given its in loom sub) … rather than a ‘knob controller’,
I assume the reference to the twiister is re 14 bit native support?

even then the twister is only 14 bit because it uses encoders…
so is like the Electra One… i.e. they don’t need to use sensors and docs.
so as a twister alternative, sure E1 is unparalleled imho.
that said, If you want to map vcv knobs, Im not sure vcv supports 14 bit midi learn… so you’d have to use cv.

as for control surfaces, lots of options, and Im not sure resolution is the first thing Id use for choosing.
as its a surface, they need sensor → ADC, most will be 10bit, as far as ive seen.

however, we then come to a small issue…
MPE is 7bit (except PB) , so most expressive controllers are 7bit output.

outside of that
you could get something with MPE +, so a haken based controller
continuum, continuumini, osmose
I think there is an MPE+ vcv rack module… though need to double check.

(continuum mini seems like might be an interesting option)

and yeah the Eigenharp…
you can use my vcv rack module…

I think you might also be able to configure it to do MPE+ (or close to it), as it has native 14 bit support that pre-dates MPE+.
(I should really add an MPE+ mode so that it’s easier for users to setup!)

here Id prefer my vcv module, as its doesn’t really on midi streaming, which always adds latency etc.

a pico might be interesting option here, you can sometimes pick up at a good price.

but yeah, overall, from OP, Im a bit unclear what you are looking for.


Thank you for the idea! I’ll check it out.

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Thanks @thetechnobear for the great info on this!

Yes, it’s unclear since I don’t have much understanding about the technical part so maybe I should explain what I want to do. I’m setting up a live rig using the Blippoo Box VCV instrument. It’s very chaotic so small rotations of the dial often can create vastly different changes in the sound so I’m hoping to find a controller that tactilely feels more smooth so I have more control in the transitions, My setup is using Bitwig and a MIDI Fighter Twister. Someone suggested that I get a 14bit controller since VCV Rack is compatible. So it’s not that I want to necessarily have more dial travel, but I want more increments in the value it sends and was hoping a controller with more resolution could work. I do also have a Roli Seaboard RISE 49, but hesitate to add that to my rig that I would have to haul around.

Hope I’m being clear at least about what I’m looking for :slight_smile:


do you need the full range ?
if not, then it could be you can just use a 7 bit over a small range.
e.g say your parameter has the range 0…100, and that your ‘default’ position is 70.
perhaps you only need 65-75… and you can then use the full 7-bit (127) over just that small range.
(this is pretty common for a performance setup, as it also makes it easier to keep ‘in the sweetspot’)

obviously won’t help IF you need control over full/large range.
but the issue, you may find using a 14 bit control over a full range is it could still be tiny movements required, even if its higher resolution. obviously something like a strip would help as its a larger ‘throw’ on it.
but for sure, using something with an encoder can help, as you can even setup how many turns = full range. i.e. 360 deg does not = full range., but say 720 or more.

anyway, lots of different solutions :wink:


Great idea! I hadn’t thought of this. I think I’ll try to work this out and see if I can make it work this way. So appreciate your thoughts on it! If I have any particular successes, I’ll write back to report in.