2.0 MIDI is around the corner

Curious on future implementation. NAMM 2020 is delivering…

A little dissapointed it doesn’t have poly AT, but then again I sort of didn’t expect it.
Seems to be a premium midi keyboard so I guess it has good keyboard action.

But yeah, MIDI 2.0, I’m curious.
I found this article on the MIDI Accossiations web page, lots of interesting information about the new standard: https://www.midi.org/articles-old/details-about-midi-2-0-midi-ci-profiles-and-property-exchange

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weird announcement by Roland… as doesn’t specify how its going to support midi 2.0

I wonder if its just marketing, i.e. its got an upgradable firmware (what hasn’t there days!) , so they can add 2.0 whenever they want :wink:

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I get the impression they’re actually just talking about MIDI-CI.