2020 Guthman Competition

Saturday, March 7th, 2020



Rebecca Fiebrink, Jordan Rudess and David Zicarelli


Nice to see the Jamboxx is still out there. (I’ve been drooling over the Lekholm DM48 lately, which brought it to mind.)

I’ve always admired Jamboxx’s focus on accessibility. That’s been an afterthought (at best) for most of our controllers.

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Hehe, an auto-tuning capable violin. I can already see some violinists revolting :slight_smile:
But - why not. Different instrument different difficulties and possibilities probably.

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Because it’d be a lot cheaper and easier to add frets?

Doesn’t count, would be too easy :wink:
Probably vibrato is more expressive on a fretless instrument? But e.g. that guy seems to be pretty happy:

Also interesting notes that might apply to electronic instruments without any pitch rounding, too: The necessity to hear yourself fully to play in tune - which might not always be easy in a band context. Haven’t thought about that much, but he might have a point…

Vibrato can be more expressive on a fretless instrument, sure.

…but auto-tuning sort of defeats that.

:slight_smile: Yeah, auto-tuning was perhaps a little extreme as a description. Could imagine that they do something like round-on-initial touch, like it’s an option on Continuum or Linnstrument.

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My brain totally saw the header as Guffman Competition, as in Waiting for Guffman. I got a vision of many local theater bands playing bad musical music in competition with one another. You’re welcome.

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Once more I have enjoyed watching/listening (ok while doing other stuff) and If I may say, tons of musical expression from all instruments!!

People’s Choice Award = ElectroSpit’s ESX-1
3rd = Svampolin
1st = ElectroSpit’s ESX-1


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There are some really cool designs. Thanks for the link.

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