31 TET Layout on the Striso

Hi folks,

I’ve been trying to use the Striso for playing 31 TET and I just can’t understand what the layout is supposed to be! Namely, I can look at the key diagram for the Striso and see where the notes shared with 12 TET are, but I have no idea how I’m supposed to play double sharps and double flats! I can transpose up and down octaves, I can’t transpose “left and right” to sharper or flatter tones. Am I just misunderstanding this layout? Is there any way to play all the notes in the 31 TET scale? Thanks for your help!

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Thanks for your question, and for asking about a very nice feature that’s probably not used very often. I’m talking about the free transpose function: While playing a note, press both transpose up and down buttons at the same time, then play the new key for the played note. All notes are now transposed by this interval so you can continue playing the tune from the last pressed key.

It’s mentioned in the quick start guide, but might be easy to miss.

There’s also semitone transpose, but at the moment that’s fixed to 100 cent, I’ll change that to using the current tuning minor second interval in the next firmware release, that makes more sense.

Let me know how well free transpose works for you! (And if you feel like making a demonstration video you’ll make my day!)