61 keys layout possible?

I have received my Striso yesterday and it was exactly what I was expecting for the touch: wonderful!
But I have not found how I can send 61 different MIDI notes.
Is this possible with the current settings or do I need a special app?

Hi PrS,

Welcome to our little community. The short(ish) answer is, because of how the isomorphic layout works there’s redundancy in the notes, so you don’t get 61 different notes natively, you get about 3.6 octaves. You trade octave breadth on the board at any one point in time for having any interval between notes be the exact same shape no matter where you are on the board. It’s a pretty fair trade in my book.

But, Striso’s firmware is open source, and it’s note mapping is all in one file. So if you have a note mapping you’d like that gives you 61 different notes, then there’s nothing stopping you from re-compiling the firmware with your own mapping.

Doing a quick flip through the repo, it looks like it’s in a bit of a state of flux. @pierstitus seems to be doing some exciting work to give us a pretty web based UI to do custom configuration, I have no idea how deep that’s going to go. As a result though, the location of the file you’d want to work on is shifting.

If you come off the latest release, I think the code you want to change is related to the button_number_map.

If you decide to dive in that way, we have a helpful crew here, feel free to ask.


Thank you very much for your answer!

Yes, I was aware of the layout and how the notes are distributed, but I thought that there will be some alternatives, like with the tunings.

I will do the notes mapping outside the Striso, so all I need is that it can send a different note for each sensor.
But having to re-compile the firmware sounds annoying for me, but if there is no other way… Any help will be very much appreciated :wink:

I’m wondering, why do you want to have all 61 notes available at one time? Maybe there is another way to accomplish your goal.

I just think that the way the notes are laid out on the Striso board is incredibly intuitive and might be worth sticking with. It’s one of my favorite things about the controller.

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I will not use it for melodies but to trig and modulate samples relative to their spatial positions in a multichannel environment (up to 64 speakers!) …
I have also a Sensel Morph and an EreaTouch that also do this, but I find the physical buttons of the Striso are better adapted for this.

oh… gotcha. Ok well then you probably would need to modify the firmware. Good luck! And keep us posted!

Currently it’s not possible without changing the firmware. I’ll put it on the list to add this possibility.

For a quick hack you can change the code, the button_number_map @fkberthold mentioned is obviously related to the button numbering but is for converting the button number to the internal button numbering, and should not be changed. The midi note number can be changed through buttons[n].midinote_base.

For example change the flip layout function in synth_control.cpp#L427-L434 to

buttons[n].midinote_base = 17 * buttons[n].coord0 + 10 * buttons[n].coord1 + 30 - start_note_offset;

Now you can switch to button mode by pressing the flip 180° setting.

To save you some hassle here’s the resulting firmware:
striso_control_2022-06-07_v2.1.4-midinotehack-0-gb5a3902.uf2.txt (166 KB)
(the txt is added to allow forum upload, for the Striso board the extension doesn’t matter)

Good luck!


Hi Piers,
Big thanks for the custom firmware, I could not figure myself what to change …
It works perfectly for me :slight_smile:
I will certainly have other questions, but Striso will be one of my best companion!

In the new v2.2 firmware it’s possible to use the 61 note number layout. You need to edit a preset to have “MIDI note mode” set to “button”, and then load that preset.

Thank you very much for your great work!
I will look at it :slight_smile: