A Preset... and a video

** If its too redundant I’ll delete this and future posts… (I don’t “adore” FB and mostly am there because Haken Continuum users) **

My first and humble foray into… EaganMatrix and its endless possibilities!!
Here is the Preset: 2+One

All sound from Haken ContinuuMini. MidiTouchbar on the MacBookPro controlling barrels
i=Low Pitch, ii=Volume iii=high Pitch, iv=Volume

Playing ContinuuMini pure sine wave, just that…


I similarly don’t adore FB (an understatement if ever there was one). I do very much wish that the Haken information was available elsewhere, so as far as I’m concerned, I think this sort of post very definitely has a place here :slight_smile:

I think your video shows just what an expressive control adds to even the simplest of sound engines. It reminds me a bit of the experience of using basic soundfonts with the Eigenharp in that respect.


Thanks Duncan :wink:
Eager to create more Presets with EaganMatrix; soooo much sonic potential.

Oh Eigenharps; I’m sad thinking its turning 10 years… I have to give it more “prime time” ( its on the studio with me all days, all moments at close reach so…)

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fantastic, moody, lovely …

amazing what the sine waves can do in the right hands.

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