About the Sell/Buy category

Buy, sell, trade of expressive controllers/synths and related items

Please read this entire message before posting


  • polyexpression.com and its operators take no responsibility for sales or listings on this site - we are not liable for any transactions between members.
    buy/sell/trade at your own risk. be honest with each other.
  • No commercial sales - only sales from private individuals are permitted…so no advertising!
  • Only sell or ask to buy items that match the topic of this website - expressive controllers and related synths


you must be a basic member to use this category - to be a ‘basic member’ you will have had to previously been contributing to the community discussions.


  • Items must be your own, in your possession , and yours to legally sell.
    so, you cannot sell on behalf of someone else.

  • all sales/trade posts must include:
    – full description of item, and its condition, including any faults/flaws
    – photos of item(s)
    – price and details on who will pay for shipping
    – location of item and where you are willing to ship from

  • don’t create an account (or create 'dummy posts) just to sell or buy items, you must be an active member of the polyexpression.com.

  • only one thread per user, if you have multiple items to sell include in the same listing

  • don’t attempt to buy and sell in other categories outside of Sell/Buy.

  • mark items as sold once you have sold them, including in title if all items sold

suggested format for titles of posts

  • FS(US): Madrona Labs Soundplane
  • WTB(EU): Roli Seaboard (49 or 61 keys)
  • FS/FT(UK/WW): Haken continuum

thank you for your understanding