Announcing pachde (#d) HC-One

[ed: this is a repost of the announcement on the VCV Rack Community forum]

I’m pleased to announce that the pachde (#d) HC-One beta release is ready for download and testing on all supported VCV Rack platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac and Mac ARM (M-1)).

HC-One is a VCV Rack plugin with modules for working with Haken Audio’s Eagan Matrix hardware devices.
These devices include the Haken Audio Continuum, ContinuuMini, and Eagan Matrix Module (the Eurorack module), and Expressive E’s Osmose. If you don’t have one of these devices, this plugin is not for you.

As you can see from the screen snip, You have instant access to any preset on the device, with the ability to create your own list of favorites, whether they’re custom User presets or System presets. You can save and load different Favorite files, making this suitable for managing set lists for performing with your Continuum or Osmose.

In addition to preset management, there is CV automation of Macros, the Recirculator, and the Master volume (with muting).

I plan to add extender modules for access to most of the functionality of Eagan Matrix devices (except for editing presets). Let me know what settings are the most important for you, so I can build what you need. Some planned future features are noted in the docs.

If you want to know more, read the HC-1 module documentation on github.

You can download the plugin from the pachde HC-One Github Release Page, which also has
installation notes, and beta support info.


Have at it, @keymanpal ! looking forward to your feedback. and anyone else that cares to try it out!


Beta 4 of pachde (#d) HC One is now available. Download and read the release notes here:

I think I’m getting close to a first release to the VCV Rack library, even though I haven’t covered the full depth of the options on the EaganMatrix yet. There’s enough up and running that it’s already very useful, and I can keep updating the module in the library as I build out the remaining controls and work down my growing list of features that improve or go beyond what the Haken Editor provides.

I need to add pre-built system presets lists for the major categories of EMs: Continuum, Mini, EMM, and Osmose. This will let me get past some issues some users are having when running on Windows.


Beta 5 released: Release Release v2.0.0-beta5 · Paul-Dempsey/pachde-hc-one · GitHub

Quick turnaround to add pre-built System presets lists and hopefully get past some of the issues on Windows. This also lets us start up much faster, especially the first time. Also adds Tilt EQ in HC-2.


Turns out there’s a problem with some of the preset lists Richard Kram sent me, so I’ll do updates when I get a chance. If you run into issues with the preset selection, you can regenerate the preset list from the Module right click menu.


The preset list issues are fixed in current builds.

I am getting ready to release to the VCV Rack library.

I haven’t gotten as far as I wanted in terms of completeness, but what’s available is functional and very useful, so I’m going to submit it to the library to make it more readily available.

The next firmware release coming to EM devices will break HC-One (unsurprising), and I have work to do in order to support later firmware than 10.09.


The latest HC-1 beta 7 did not show the devices on the bottom (is this ok?)
BTW is the HC-1 working with a Continuum (halfsize fw 9.55) and the Roland UM-One MIDI Interface? Did not getting it to initialize.

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From the snip it looks like the Rack CPU meter is covering up the bottom where the midi connection is shown. Should all be there if you turn off the CPU metering.

HC-1 won’t automatically recognize an EM device behind the UM-1 with the current code, but you should be able to pick it manually in the Advanced menu (which it looks like you’ve already done). This probably also requires manually scanning for system presets in the module right click menu, but once these have been done, it should come back all configured when loading the same Rack patch.

I don’t have a classic w/ UM-1 for testing.

There is a way to probe a device with midi to determine if it is an EM, but HC-1 doesn’t do that (yet).

If the manual setup doesn’t work, can work on this around Continuucon time when I can have access to a similar config. I’ll be visiting the Haken Audio factory around then.

[ed] HC-1 has been designed and tested for the current Firmware release: 10.09. I don’t think there are significant changes in the MIDI interface, so should work for 9.55.

A new firmware release is coming before the Continuucon at the end of April, and I know that it breaks some functions of HC One. It will require an updated plugin and maybe a major revision. I haven’t started that work yet. The subsequent firmware update will require a whole new design for the plugin.

I am getting ready to release HC One to the VCV Rack library. Please let me know if you get it working via the UM-One. Richard Kram did get it working in his setup. He has a video with an earlier release of HC One running two Continuums and 2 EaganMatrix modules at once.

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Thanks a lot for your work, Paul!

  1. turn off CPU metering gives me the MIDI menu back.
  2. Works well with my Osmose and ContinuuMini
  3. With my Continuum (fw 9.55) and the UM-One (choosing the UM-One in the advanced MIDI-menu) I cannot get it to work, some lights (5?) are lightning up, and then it falls back to one light…I think it is because of the fw 9.55. I hesitate to upgrade to 10.09, because my Continuum is equipped with 3 DSPs (a rare model) and last time update only worked after all with the online assistance from Lippold.
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If you’re willing to dig into json configuration, you might be able to get through initialization by editing the startup config file to slow the midi rate and allow longer budgets for the phases. Instructions are in the documentation.

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Will try to adjust the “startup-config.json”.


Let us know how it goes…

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I’ve just submitted my HC-One to the VCV Rack Library.

If you can’t wait for the library, you can download it here: Release Release v2.0.0 · Paul-Dempsey/pachde-hc-one · GitHub.

If you want to learn more, see the docs:


congratulations on release ! looks great.

(Ive edited the title to reflect its no longer a beta)


Congrats Paul!! @pachde
Nice to have in the EaganMatrix “world”; I’m sure it will be a topic on next ContinuuCOn.

Many instruments are now gravitating around VCV now :wink:


Now that HC-1 is headed for the official library, I’m writing up my proposal to present at Continuucon.

I’m driving out from the West coast, so I’ll be there whether I’m officially presenting or not :slight_smile:


Thank you for your contribution.

Thank you. Now I’m just waiting for the VCV Rack team to process the submission.

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