Another light comes on!

I asked here a couple/few weeks ago (I think) because I could not figure out how to get the “scales” functionality of ThumbJam to transfer into other places/synths like GeoShred and Roli. That left me with interesting harmonies, if I played in G or D or E, say, on the ThumbJam, and sent that MIDI out to Roli, which was always in C. But I could not get the straight melody in G or D or E to play directly, samely, into those other voices/instruments. Then, in another search for something else (I think it was to get a handle on the “scale” choosers in GeoShred?) I saw the 3-word answer that has truly changed the sounds I can create with my simple iPad and QuNexus system: “Enable MIDI Through.” Wow…I was shocked it was that simple! Now, minor/Gypsy/Blues keys on GeoShred instruments, etc., with keyboard locked so I can’t play a wrrong note…It’s Christmas in July!