Any MPE grooveboxes?

Apart from the Synthstrom Deluge and Squarp Hapax, are there any other MPE grooveboxes out there?

If not, I’m looking for recommendations for a non-MPE groovebox that can marry my Striso and AudioThingies MicroMonsta 2 together, with the goal of making tracks on the go. I would love to have two analog inputs and audio over USB to Android.

Upon reading your title, I came here to suggest the two that you summarily excluded.

Thanks for your reply nonetheless. Do you have experience using an iPad as a groovebox? I’m now looking into iOS apps as an alternative to hardware grooveboxes.

Drambo is your answer in iOS.

I absolutely love Drambo, but it doesn’t record mpe data on it’s own. You use Geert Bevin’s midi tape recorder tho.