Any news or updates on the Erae situation?

Everything seems to be rather quiet in here. It would be great if there any updates coming along.

I still have two defective Erae Touch (my 1st and 2nd replacements) that I hope to eventually send back once the new replacement arrives.

This is a work in progress but if they manage to pull it off (and I believe they will) this will be the most versatile MPE controller out there.

Also waiting on the:

  • Forum
  • Continua - Audio Damage

I have a feeling that the Continua deal fell through…I could be wrong though.

It’s all gone very quiet… they are marketing, so are still ‘active’
but not see any other news related to development etc.

they had got the forum up n’ running quite a while ago… Im a bit confused why it was not released !

yeah, thats an odd one, you’d assume, that the deal was made during KS, as it was very specific (why Continua rather than any other synth?)
but yeah, perhaps some complication in T&Cs meant non-delivery…
though I think Embodme, should have been clear about this , rather than just ‘not mention’ it, as if it never happened.

of course, Id love to hear from them…
When I show the Erae Touch on my videos, I always get asked about it… there is a market, but really to be successful they need to engage with the community more.

as for now, I think, I’ll wait till SB2022 and go have a chat with them…

my personal experience with them, is whilst they are not great on the community engagement side… they are extremely friendly, and I can imagine - they have ‘reasons’ for being quiet at the moment.
… so would give them the benefit of the doubt.

besides, whilst there are improvements Id like for Erae Touch, its still a very playable, and enjoyable controller for me.

Still waiting. I guess it’ll be a while due to the recent events that have been happening across the world.

Very frustrating but at least there might be a reason behind it.

So not to worry too much. I just want to get back into my creative pursuits so fingers crossed it won’t be too long.

Embodme is at #SxSw

This is copy pasted from their order page, fairly new information there since maybe a week or three:

*Note: All of our units are assembled by us, a small team in the office to ensure best quality and delivery. Since order volume is very high, and our supplier process is slowed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, expect minor delays for your order. Please understand that we are currently trying our best to fulfill your orders every day.

So this is referring to time of delivery in ‘spring 2022’ which is already a little vague but at the very least points to that they - as many others - are trying to sort things out. Perhaps a replacement is also among these!

It is spun as so many orders they can hardly keep up, which is hopefully just as true as that there are global problems to deliver objects manufactured from electronic components. I too would like to give the benefit of doubt, even in regards to some radio silence, as they seem to be a fairly small team with an ambitious instrument in tough circumstances.

With that I would also like to mention that I very much understand your frustration. I hope you will receive your new one soon!

as per this topic, its kind of there… might be still waiting to be ‘officially launched’ , as I can’t get a password yet :wink:

Continua license - I got mine !
basically on the Facebook group, there was a topic and they asked you just sent them your backer name/number, and they then forward you a license.
Im not quite sure they they didn’t just email all backers …
but you can approach them and they will pass it on to you :slight_smile:


Doing this on Facebook is odd - guess the percentage of backers who follow them there is kind of low…
But thanks for the heads up!