Anyone here have the touch keys? The company does not respond to emails

I really want to buy this but the company hasnt responded to my emails.

Holiday/vacations August, summertime… maybe…


try asking at - whilst its a separate company, they are from the same stable… and so will very likely know whats going on.

though, as @keymanpal said, its summer time … it operates out of a university in London/uk, and so it will be out of term there, and not sure how it operates during that time.
( I believe Bela though similar is quite a bit bigger/more successful - so better staffed/support)

let us know what you find out - I’ve kind of assumed touch keys is ‘ticking over’ but not really a commercial endeavour, and given other offerings these days, Id not be surprised if they only sell ‘whilst stocks last’… and most things are showing as ‘out of stock’.

by comparison a touch keys 49 setup is/was quite a bit more expensive than an Osmose, let alone a Role… so whilst, I do get the appeal (putting on your favourite key bed) for some, I think its a pretty limited market - imho!

all that said, it may be they have a setup where they can produce more on-demand, hence why they leave the shop/enquires open.

@omarembodme I’m looking for the product available at It looks like your company has a different product.

Ryan you should consider buying an ERAE Touch for almost the same price. Check out