Anyone willing to part with their Osmose preorder?

I’m interested in buying someone’s Osmose preorder for a higher amount than they paid.

Please let me know if you are no longer interested in the Osmose.


Im remember reading that someone had checked with expressive-e about this, and they said pre-orders were not transferrable.

sorry, I can’t remember the details or where I read it… as it was a while ago.
so, I could be wrong (or it could have changed) but its definitely something I’d check with expressive-e, if you do find someone willing to do this (*)

(*) I’d be a bit surprised to be honest, we have waited so long for this now… Id think those that had ‘doubts’ would have long ago cancelled their pre-orders.
but of course you never know, perhaps someone’s financial situation won’t enable them to complete the order.

That’s a very good point. I will check with them first.

I actually had pre-ordered back in November 2019, but I stupidly cancelled it. I am now beating myself over it, haha.

ah, Id not beat yourself too much …
it’s been a very long wait, and frankly, we still don’t know when we are going to start seeing shipments.

ah, just found this on expressive-e osmose faq

Thank you for looking into it @thetechnobear — that is unfortunate indeed. Guess I’ll have to buy it when it comes out, whenever that is :wink:

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I’d still suggest contacting them, to politely express your remorse over canceling the pre-order. (It’s up to them, obviously, but maybe they can reverse that cancelation.)

I could imagine a few people have pre-ordered an Osmose just to sell it on ebay for way more than they paid the moment they get it.
I personally don’t support that behavior by buying such inflated offers - but everybody has to decide for themselves.

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@greaterthanzero - that was the first thing I did, but unfortunately they said no :cry:

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@NothanUmber - I absolutely hate when people do that — greed drives everything I guess…

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