Are there any PC based VST sample players that can do +/- 48 semitone pitchbend?

I am trying to find a Windows based sample player that can take +/- 48 semitone pitchbend from my Roli to use in Cantabile in my live system. Anything out there?

I suspect sample players generally don’t offer that range of pitch bend because it is technically challenging (and computationally expensive) to pitch shift samples and preserve a good timbre. Normal methods will have poor results when shifted that far.

The truth is, I don’t want to pitchbend the samples that far, but the response of other MPE capable synths works well at the 48 semitone setting and I would like to layer some samples with them. It doesn’t work musically even doing pitchbends of a second or third if I can’t match the response.

I guess Equator2 is my best bet for now.

This makes sense.

Are you using a DAW? There may be bend-scaling tools within there.

Thanks. Using the VST host Cantabile for a live setup. Just using Equator2 for now.