Aroma do Tempo - Ciclo Syrah - Passos e Compassos

Some photos of my last show with the EigenHarp Alpha and this time NOT running EigenD (huge thanks to @Kai and its ECMapper )

© Photos by Carlos Teixeira

All went really well, live playing in sync with live video all from the Alpha.
What always amazes me in outdoors shows is distances and loooooong cable runs, some examples

  • MBP tucked away :wink: running Gig Performer 4 + (@Kai) ECMapper with the usual “suspects” plugins Pianoteq, Aalto, Diva
  • inside the rectangular case:
  • Basestation on top
  • Modal Cobalt 8M
  • SSL2+ audio interface
  • Ipad Pro 5th Gen running Imaginando VS Synthesizer handle the video

Initial rehearsals I use the Linnstrument (always fun, all more integrated)


Good to hear everything went well! And thank you for sharing some photos. Always nice to see what other Eigenharpists are up to. :slight_smile: Looks like it was an atmospheric event!

Our concert is on saturday. :grimacing: I’ll try to write a summary and share something afterwards, as well…


We are in the 3rd wineard house that hosts each show, first we premiere in the Theatre, then develop ideas outdoors… its was pretty difficult with the pandemic
(edit: nothing was like we used to do/plan and the outcome…)

As they say… break a leg and have a blast!
Wish you a good concert!

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Great pics - and great work by @Kai. :+1:

(Jealous? Well, OK, a bit.)

Ohhh why?

Lately I hardly post anything not to harm any susceptibilities…

Haha, only in a good way. :wink:

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Is there an iPad om the linnstrument picture? And what app is it running?

>Is there an iPad on the linnstrument picture? And what app is it running?

For the visuals.


Those photos look amazing @keymanpal! And it’s nice to hear that @Kai’s ECMapper is working well (I still have to find time to install it).

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What’s really nice to hear is that it’s working with Gig Performer :slight_smile:


The idea going forward is to integrate it as tightly with GP as possible. Have the “Core” part that handles the Eigenharp connection as a VST in the global rack space with VST parameters for showing connection status’es etc, so that it can be mapped to widgets. Stuff like that.

Still early days. I have replaced EigenD with GP+ECMapper personally, but seeing that @keymanpal also finds it usable in its current state is very motivating. :slight_smile: @keymanpal, if there is anything in particular you “miss” and want added/improved before future shows, let me know.

GP 4 has an external API that allows extensions to be developed in C++ (well, anything that can use C headers but we have wrappers for C++). I wonder if that’s something to look at — one could add the Eigenharp as a new “Extension” and there’s be no need to a special VST — although clearly the VST us useful for other hosts.

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THAT would be ultimate “Eigen” awesomeness!!!

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