Arturia PolyBrute

Has a wooden XYZ pad and wooden ribbon controller, no mention of MPE.

Sounds great, but the controls seem like a grab bag to me, rather than a thoughtful coherent whole. Just impressions based on videos though, I’d love to hear from someone who had played it.

Controls look like a stripped-down version of the MatrixBrute’s.

I was referring to the ribbon and the xyz controller paired with a 12tet keyboard. It’s a collection of things one might assemble aftermarket, rather than giving the impression of a thoughtfully integrated and coherent instrument.

Might not matter if your plan was to use it as an engine with another controller, or if ordinary keyboard playing with a couple extra doodads for expression really does meet your needs.

I’m sure this describes a large number of people, just not me.

The design was driven by the morphing concept, so the touchpad’s as essential to the design as the joystick was to the Prophet VS.

I get that. It’s looking a bit anemic compared to a Touché though