ASM Hydrasynth - new keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch

Also has a ribbon controller. There’s another model with an 8 x 3 poly AT pad grid instead of a keyboard.

No mention of MPE.

I asked one of the guys involved with it, no MPE support.

and no plans to enable MPE in the future?

I would guess if it doesn’t have it now it won’t get it in the future. I could well be wrong though.

The answer I got was to use Polyphonic Aftertouch instead.


It seems if a synth’s architecture is multi timbral, it is easier to support MPE.

Tried it. Played it. Loved it. Buying it. MPE is kind of pointless on a keyboard action that doesn’t understand vertical or horizontal movement, although I suppose it could be enabled and software for external control. I thought it was great as it was, and it was the first synthesizer I have played in many years that has given me real GAS.

This is exactly what new synth developers need to understand. There are controllers out there even if the keyboard in your synth isn’t MPE-capable.

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