AUDIOGRIDDER - DSP servers using general purpose networks and computers

This came up on another forum, might be of interest :wink:

AudioGridder is a plugin host, that allows you to offload the DSP processing of audio plugins to remote computers running macOS or Windows. The DSP code of the loaded plugins will be executed on the server machine and the plugin UIs will be streamed over the wire.

The AudioGridder plugin is supported in the formats VST2, VST3, AAX and AudioUnit.

Plugins can be hosted and accessed across the network: simply connect your DAW using the AudioGridder plugin. This allows you to add remote insert chains or instruments into your DAWs signal paths. You get an experience close to hosting the plugins directly in your DAW.

The AudioGridder plugin is supported in the formats VST2, VST3, AAX and AudioUnit.

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thats cool , reminds me of Vienna Ensemble.

does it ‘automatically’ expose the automation parameters of the ‘remote plugin’
it’d be very cool if this was invisible to the host.

its a difficult area though…
the issue is a network connection is pretty ‘costly’ in terms of latency - so when does it become beneficial to do this?

I think with vsl, the reason they got into it , is their buisness is huge orchestral libraries - so memory (for loading samples) was a major factor.

is funny, life goes around in circles…
we move to distributed computing, then computers get so powerful its not necessary…then applications burden this new tech, so we go back to distribution again :slight_smile:

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hmm, Ive just had a wacky thought…

one area this could be very interesting is when using something like a rPI to run the vst…
i.e. the rPI essentially could run a VST on your desktop/laptop
in this situation the VST might not even be capable of being run on the host (rPI) due to cpu or other limitations.

this could open up some interesting possiblitlies :slight_smile:

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Yep, my immediate thought! Although without the iLok/eLicense hassle.

I’m going thru and finding out how it behaves… I also stoped at VEP6 ( not updated to most recent) my Apple “friends” are accusing their age.

I think it works well for a “playback system”, not so much if you want to play in real-time; maybe saying the obvious…

Ahah I like to provoke those… following :wink:
More effects processing, spread around…

On this Pi day, note to myself = give it some more love.

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