Behringer DS-80 (CS-80 clone)

2019 post about their pressure-sensing technology:

I don’t do Facebook. What does it say?

Apparently they are working on a CS-80 clone, trying to recreate functionally identical substitutes for all the parts that aren’t manufactured anymore for years. But both postings are from 2019. When Googling there are sources from 2021 that mention that they haven’t given up and are still working on it. But nothing more concrete.

Here’s a post from last week about their having duplicated the CS-80 voice functions with modern components.

I don’t think they necessarily need to wait for the DS-80 to ship a poly-aftertouch keyboard. Personally I’d prefer a Prophet T-8 clone. They’ve got that voice hardware already.

You don’t need a Facebook account to read those posts.

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