Best places to look for an eigenharp?

Hi all,

Unfortunately my Tau was stolen from a break-in from my storage locker recently, and I am absolutely gutted. I haven’t thought too much about how scarce the supply was, or I would have saved for an alpha a while ago.

At this point I just want a Tau—if anyone knows where I can go or who I can talk to to see if I can find one I would greatly appreciate it!!

Auchhhh terrible news…

I don’t know about Eigenlabs… but an email to them might help?

Yepp, might be worth asking Eigenlabs. At least it still seems to be possible to put a Tau into the shopping cart (I obviously didn’t go through with the order to see how far I come after that point…)

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sorry, to hear that @RobDeBry :frowning:

I really hope you can get it back, or a replacement …

btw: keep an eye out locally/ebay etc for Tau’s being sold… perhaps the thieves can be caught trying to offload it… you can explain to the police its a rare item, so very unlikely for legit sales to be seen.
which country are you in? (in case one of us sees a tau go up for sale?)

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eigenlabs is back up and taking orders according to their website man