Bitwig control scripts?

I decided to try BitWig as a DAW due to it’s MPE support. I am wondering if anyone has made any bitwig controller scripts for the Eigenharp line? I’m a Tau user, so that would be ideal, but before I go trying to write my own and sink a ton of time into it, I was curious if anyone else had already done this.

i did one quite a while back…
Eigenharp.control.js.txt (477 Bytes)

(remove .txt, thats just to upload it here )

its quite while ago since i used it though, and maybe BWS have changed the api.
but might give you a starting point


That is awesome. I did a quick read on the api, and it looks like nothing has changed much in the last few years. I’ll let you know what the result is. Even if there are minor changes, this is a great starting point, and saves me a ton of time.

I’ll play with it this weekend when I have some time. It’s been a busier than expected work week shoveling code in the code mines. :slight_smile:


I have Bitwig and a Pico - What do I do with this script?

Assuming it’s still working , just place it in the ‘controller scripts’ folder.

Then when eigend is running, you can select ‘add controller’ in bws, which will the link eigend to bitwig.

You need always have eigend to running and have midi setup for MPE.
this only interfaces eigend to bws, it is NOT a driver for an eigenharp.


Can confirm. It does indeed still appear to be working. As Mark said, you need EigenD running. For my tau it was pretty much a drop in and go.

Great job on it Mark! Thank you.

Great code and easy to follow and super easy to extend functionality for some of my custom setups.

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technobear yet again saves the day lol thanks man

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