Bowsynth with Eigenharp

Any Eigenharp owners come across this…? I dropped inventor Dylan a note the other day; seems the project is still in development. Looks ingenious.


Great! If you hear back from him, please kwep us in the loop!
Have written back and forth with the dev a few years ago, he still wanted to keep working on it but was also very busy. Good to hear that it’s again in the works!

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A few years ago I watched a Floyd Engels Theremin Cello on eBay for a while until it finally went. Leon Theremin’s original is…rare…I think there’s only one of them basically. Seem to remember this guy Engels reverse-engineered it from the original and produced maybe half a dozen. I guess I’m still searching…though I’ll need the Tau too… :thinking:


No, never heard of it before. This is very interesting. I’m a tau user and honestly “bowing” on the strips doesn’t do it for me. They are amazing for synth control such as filters of FX, but don’t feel natural bowing. Something like this would be an incredible addition to my Tau.