Constant White LED auto-response to send through midi-jack?

I looked at the 2.2.1 quick start guide and the latest release for auto color change code documentation. All I could find was Cyan, Yellow, Pink, Red blinks for auto-detect midi. On one synth, I get a Cyan blink and LED goes back to green and all works fine. On another synth (with the same preset that forces midi output and removes x/y cc and pressure cc), I get no blink and then the led changes and stays on white instead of back to green. When it is white the note send is erratic, with notes not playing on some hits or a random pitch playing. I’m wondering what the white LED means. I assume there is a problem (but it is sending weird notes and not flashing red) and there should be no constant color of LED except green when functioning properly and only momentary blinks of other colors.

Anyone experienced this behavior or thoughts on how to fix?


This is a continuation of this topic but now I have this other synth (Cirrus2 a limited run FM synth by Otem Rellik) that is working correctly (ironically since the big company Polyend Tracker should be the one working out of the box) which newly reveals the interesting change in white LED behavior DESPITE the same exact preset, both sending on MIDI channel 2 with gear both receiving on channel 2. I would attach config file if I could but it just has the modifications mentioned.