Contacting John Lambert

Hello everyone. I am wondering what the best way is for contacting John? I am interested in interviewing him about the creation of the Eigenharp. Are there any existing interviews?

Thanks in advance

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When you search for these terms there are several video and text interviews: “john lambert eigenharp interview”
Here an essay of John about Eigenlabs: John Henry Lambert - Eigenlabs

Regarding contact - the first link might be more promising than the second:

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you can try : customerservices AT eigenlabs DOT com

this used to work, not tried in recent times.

but in terms of history/motivation, there are videos talking about this.

check out the devcon 2012 playlist on eigenlabs YouTube channel

you can also find various promo videos from various trade shows etc.


Thank you everyone appreciate it.

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Let us know if you make contact, I have not been able to in quite a while.

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