ContinuuCon 2024

ContinuuCon Electronic Music Conference Scheduled for Pittsburgh

ContinuuCon 2024, the sixth international Haken Continuum Conference, is returning to the U.S. on April 26–28. This year’s event will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Musicians, sound designers, software developers, and music enthusiasts are invited to explore the world’s most uniquely expressive electronic musical instruments through presentations, performances, and hands-on experiences. As always, ContinuuCon will focus on every instrument that features the Haken Continuum’s internal sound engine the EaganMatrix, including the Continuum Fingerboard, ContinuuMini, EaganMatrix Module for Eurorack, and Expressive E Osmose synthesizer.

ContinuuCon 2024 will begin with an evening reception on April 26. Over the next two days, Continuum inventor and EaganMatrix developers Lippold Haken and Edmund Eagan will join other authorities and some of the world’s most skillful Continuum players to share their expertise and technical knowledge.

Haken Continuum players include film composer A.R. Rahman (who participated in last year’s ContinuuCon), Nine Inch Nail’s Trent Reznor, and The Who’s Pete Townshend, who said, “I absolutely adore it. The Continuum is already inspiring me to new ideas.” You may also hear the Continuum featured in the scores to Game of Thrones, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, and the upcoming Dune: Part Two.

Since 2016, previous Continuum conferences have been held in Asheville, North Carolina, in Palmela, Portugal, and at IRCAM in Paris, France. For tickets, information, and videos of past events, visit the website

About Haken Audio’s Instruments

The Continuum Fingerboard is a polyphonic electronic instrument that offers continuous multidimensional performance control by responding to each finger independently. The ContinuuMini is a smaller, more affordable duotactic model based on the same technology. Inside is the EaganMatrix, a cutting-edge, user-programmable, digital modular synthesizer taking full advantage of the supple playing surface’s myriad performance possibilities. For Eurorack users, the EaganMatrix Module opens doors to musical worlds still unexplored.


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