ContinuuCon2020 Electronic Music Conference Canceled

27-29 April
Palmela, Portugal
(Yep!! my home town… :wink:

More info:



…Official announcement below.


@keymanpal do you know if its cancelled, or possibly just postponed till later in the year?
perhaps a summer trip to Pamela after we all get thru current events :slight_smile:

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ContinuuCon Electronic Music Conference Canceled

March 16, 2020, Palmela, Portugal: In light of recent developments concerning the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, ContinuuCon 2020 has been canceled. Anyone who purchased a ticket to attend will receive a refund.

Sad to hear - I’m sure you put a lot of effort into this already. But understandable. Hope there is another opportunity after things are back on track!

Also working from home since today. Supermarkets are (and will remain) open, so no shortage on food, most other public facilities in Germany are closed now or will close tomorrow. Now it’s wait and see.

I guess I’m equal parts sorry and relieved to hear that. It’s a tough call, but clearly the right one.

Agreed. People flying there, all touching the same instruments and then flying back would be - not good at all.
A difficult situation for artists relying on audience :confused:
Perhaps trying out something new - e.g. concerts in virtual reality could be interesting! (Now that more people buy VR HMDs because of the Halflife Alyx hype). Or live musical entertainment for children (who also have to stay at home) via Skype.

Sorry. Thought what I saw on the Continuum group was official channel, but I was wrong. Over & out.

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@thetechnobear @NothanUmber @GoneCaving
I long have all my activities canceled…
About ContinuuCon, Ideally I envisioned simply postpone either close to new SB dates or some other time this year… unfortunately no quorum; STOP signs everywhere.
Health and safety above all…

Stay safe.

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gutted for you @keymanpal, so much work, and also losing something so special to look forward too.
I hope you can re-arrange for later this year, or next.

as you say, best to stay healthy… and look to the small positives.
more time with family, or to make music.

also lets look forward to the other side…
whilst we are (also) seeing cancellations, this might free up many calendar’s for later in the year, which might bring its own opportunities.

till then, we can use the internet to bring everyone together.

stay healthy, stay calm…

‘always look on the bright side of life’ - Eric Idle.


@thetechnobear thanks :wink:

That’s one of my long time musical “antidote” here’s another one :wink: