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Continuum Fingerboard


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Videos: EaganMatrix Programming


Here is a new video from Edmund Eagan demonstrating the Expressive E Touché connected to a ContinuuMini. Opens up a whole bunch of new control and modulations.


Yep, yep this makes perfect sense, now that I have my Mini and have been playing around, single “melodic” lines…

I have in past integrated other controlers with the continuum, the thing is know your way around EaganMatrix to take advantage of it all :wink:

The only thing that has stopped me from getting a Touche already is I have no practical place to put it at the moment. I tried one in a store and really liked it.

I kickstarted the Continuumini + Onde with stand. Wonder if it could be placed next to the mini on the stand somehow…

@Kai with the stand, you get 2 possible instrument shelves one thin (size of the Mini) and one larger, on which it should be possible to put a Touche. Also the stand has a place for a second Keyboard (under the Onde), on which you may also put a Touche.

Ah, I didn’t realize it came with the larger shelf as well. Nice. :slight_smile: