Curiosity about MPE settings in EigenD matrix

This may seem an odd question, but I’d never really thought about it until moving over to some hardware MPE synths, and was setting up to control them with my Tau.

In the Midi matrix channel settings, where you can turn on MPE, there are two other MPE options.


Experimenting with them, I can’t seen to see a difference in either my synth mappings, or in any VST / AU plugins. As far as my Hydrasynth or Cobalt, there doesn’t seem to be any difference. Even capturing stuff with midiOX and doing a diff, I can’t see any meaningful message differences. Maybe I am missing something.

So… uh…

What the heck are these? LOL.

What is the difference between them, and the standard MPE setting?

BTW, if anyone was wondering, the Tau and Hydrasynth desktop are a dream combo. It’s pretty much plug in and go.

One tangential question… I wouldn’t think this possible because MPE uses all midi channels, but… is it possible to have different MPE streams going out, from different keygroups, via something like OSC instead of MIDI or the like?

Thought I might experiment with some kinda Pd receiver on different ports, and then translate that to MPE or MPE and one classic poly stream.

I thought maybe using Osc outputs on different ports, I might be able to then convert to MPE with Pd, and control different hardware from different keygroups.

Anyone tried this?

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iirc, MPEa is global channel = 1, MPEb = global channel = 16
(I did this long before MPE was standardised ;)))

is it possible to have different MPE streams going out,

yes, use different midi output object,
but indeed, its using all channels… so you’d need to use different output devices
e.g. on a mac you could create 2 different IAC midi devices.

Osc on different ports

sure, if you use my t3d implementations this is reasonably easy, but no real need see above.
… if you are trying to do an MPE split, that gets tricky as you’d need to re-voice and that can introduce some nasty corner cases.

have I done this… a few times, when using a split on the alpha.
though more often, Ive used an MPE split with a OSC/t3d split… because I often use Aalto with t3d :wink:


Interesting. I’d not considered that.

I’ll have to give that a try. Easy enough to add an additional midi adapter. I’ve a few pieces of hardware I’d like to address with different keygroups at the same time (drums, bass, lead) and MPE on at least the lead would be nice, as well as bass synth

Drums are trivial, it’s mostly just using the bottom leys as triggers/mutes. But ran into some trickiness when I setup MPE with the hydrasynth, and had to rethink things.

Thanks so much for the info and suggestions!

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