Custom firmware: smoother playing in One Channel modes with non-MPE synths

The Linnstrument firmware resets pressure data at note on/off, and only sends pressure data for the most recent pad held. For non-MPE synths (or any synth played in One Channel or Channel per Row mode), this causes an abrupt jump in Z-values from 0 to/from the value of whatever prior pad is held. This behavior is similar for Y-values.

I fixed it in a non-supported and no-promises-made custom firmware, with the result that playing non-MPE synths is more predictable, and Z-data and Y-data is more usable to control synth parameters. The changes do not negatively impact MPE function, or other mode use-cases.

This change was prompted by a discussion on KVR.

The binary release is on Github:


Again, this is unofficial firmware, use at your own risk.

Then again, everyone is welcome to try it, and Iā€™d appreciate any comments. Thanks.