Custom scales on the Erae Touch

I think it should be possible to add custom scales to the Erae Touch. There are amazing possibilities with being able to set the scale manually. It could even be possible within the firmware itself as in on a page on the Erae screen where you can do this, where the user sets a scale manually by tapping on buttons that represent notes that are included in the scale and tapping off notes that are not. Of course, the octave/key wouldn’t change, just the scale notes.

An easier way would be to do it in the lab. Is there any way to use a custom scale?

no custom scales

you can layout keys individually, thats about as far as it goes currently…and does not allow slides

I remember someone asking about custom notes for the drum element, as often with drums you want to have a different (not-scale) layout… so if that happened you could use that.

BUT that would presumably not allow sliding (since its arbitrary)

I cannot seem them doing this on the Erae itself, it’ll complicate the UI too much.
but it could be good to add in Erae Lab.

best bet is to reach out to @embodme directly, they are always interested to hear users ideas and feedback.

It should be easy to add custom scales in the Lab.

I also note that there are settings for each individual interval in the scale, where you set colors, etc.

Of course it should be possible to set up scales manually, even on the device. I don’t see how it would be too difficult to do. It wouldn’t be too hard to set up a page on the instrument where you could set up scales. You can do this on the Linnstrument.

well anything is possible…

as for how easy/difficult it is, I leave that up to the developers who know the code :wink:

my personal opinion - I do like the idea of custom scales in Erae Lab, but I think its pretty unnecessary to have on device… the Linnstrument has no choice, there is no editor… whereas the Embodme has designed a editor just for this purpose.

It’s always going to be a choice, about what is necessary ‘on device’ , and what is better in the editor.
I think changing scales, changing midi channels, and perhaps CC assignments, should be possible 'on device.
but more ‘structural’ things, where you are defining things like layouts, scales, ranges of parameters…I think they should be in the editor.

but it is just my personal opinion, if you have an editor , then that is part of the workflow… and limited are only ever going to be possible on the device - thats a fundamental design decision.