Defining velocity range


When using Striso with non-MPE synths, I sometimes find that the default velocity range is problematic. It sometimes easy to trigger a note with a very low initial velocity, and since there is no aftertouch it sounds very quiet.

Is it possible to somehow limit the velocity range (for example, by specifying a min and max velocity) or disabling the velocity altogether and using a fixed value (e.g. 64)?

I thought playing with the Key Sensitivity Threshold parameter would help, but with it set to 1.0 it’s still possible to trigger notes with super low velocity. Same with the Key Pressure/Velocity Factor parameters (although I might be misunderstanding how these work in the first place).

Many thanks for any help!

Thanks for your question. The main focus has been to make the Striso work well with expressive synths, but has been tested less with non-MPE synths.

A sensitivity curve setting is planned, that will probably work. However a fixed velocity or a velocity offset seems like a reasonable feature request too. I hope to put that into the next firmware release.

For now you can try to set the press sensitivity very high with the buttons or make a preset with the “Key pressure factor” parameter set very high (10), so the velocity is 127 unless you play very soft.
The key sensitivity threshold parameter is used for reducing the trigger sensitivity, mainly for reducing the chance of erroneous triggers.

That’s great, thank you! I think this does exactly what I need. Looking forward to see what will be included in the next version of the firmware. It’s exciting to know that you are working on it.

In the firmware v2.2.1 we’ve just released there’s a new option to set the MIDI velocity offset (veloO). This can be combined with setting the Key velocity factor to 0.0 to get a fixed value, or to another value to control the range.


It works perfectly, thank you. The sustain/decay parameter for the synth is wonderful, too.

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