Dexed new update... initial support for MPE performance


Very cool! Will have to see whether it’s possible to transfer presets from a real DX7 to Dexed. The pre-owner of my DX7 was quite creative when it comes to sound design, it came with several cardridges full with presets. E.g. one cardridge alone for breath controller sounds. Could be neat for the Eigenharp!


Oh! That’s good to know, never too much presets and good sounds :wink:

From what I’m reading, it can listen for SysEx dumps and save you the trouble of making .SYX files externally. But using that method, users can’t seem to make it accept more than one patch at a time.

(I believe the .SYX files can import whole 32 patch cartridges all at once)

All of which being said, it’s entirely likely my info is outdated and ill informed.

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Can’t see much options for mapping poly aftertouch and vertical slide aka “cc74”

Dexed supports midi learn. You can map any parameter to any CC. That covers cc74. I don’t see any way to support after touch.

that’s probably a global, non-mpe midi learn. There’s a couple of modulation destinations for aftertouch in the preferences dialog.
I guess I just expected too much - after all, they would have to create a whole modulation system to make mapping expressive data really work. At least pitch slides are working, so thanks to them for that)

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I haven’t had any luck with this one. Near as I can tell, the standalone app is at 0.9.5, as expected (but I can’t resize that to fit on my screen). The VST in that same file, however, is still 0.9.4 (and thus does not have MPE).

~ shrug ~

Has anyone managed to make the VST work on OSX?
I just re-downloaded a month later, and am still seeing 0.9.4!


That is just VST. AudioUnit version matches the runtime.

…meaning, it’s 0.9.5, but scaled to ridiculous dimensions that won’t fit on my screen, which I can’t adjust.

0.9.6 is out !!

  • Apple Silicon M1 builds
  • Fix VST3 automation issues
  • Fix to apply UI scaling only when applicable
  • Fix hang notes on program changes

I haven’t installed the new version yet, but I’m excited for this to not be broken.

(I’ve been unable to use 0.9.5 for six months. The UI scaling fix ought to finally resolve that.)

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