Discourse Forum tips

Discourse, the forum software we use here, is pretty popular these days, so Im sure many of you are very familiar with it…

Its a great piece of software, that provides end-users a fantastic experience without any knowledge,

but I thought Id share a couple of hints/tips (please feel free to add :slight_smile: ) for those that are new to it, and want to know a bit more.

Trust levels

as you visit and contribute to the forum, discourse automatically raises your trust levels (which you can see on your profile), which in turn raises what you can do (e.g. posting more links, editing wiki posts) … this is both to help avoid spam, and also positively to allow members to help shape the forum.


Discourse likes to keep you informed, and it does this by seeing which topics you view and contribute to.
(on the basis a topic you dont click on doesn’t interest you)
you can modify this either :
“per topic” - at the bottom where it says if your watching a topic or not
globally, on your profile , there is a notification preference which allows you to alter things.


if you find you are getting more email notifications that you would like
in your profile -> email , you can alter if you get notifications for topics,
and also if you get the summary email if you don’t visit.

Keyboard Shortcuts

some useful ones - if you go to the ‘hamburger’ menu (top right) , then there is an option to show you these.

anyone with any more tips?

a) You can add discourse forums into your RSS reader. Just put .rss at the end of any URL. For example,


will put the latest posts into your RSS feed

b) There is a discourse app for iOS (might be one for Android as well, haven’t checked that) and although it’s not much more than a wrapper around a browser, it does let you manage multiple discourse sites in one place and it gives you an indication when there’s something new posted.

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If you are on a device with a keyboard you can press the “?” key to bring up a list of the keyboard shortcuts also (so long as you don’t have the focus in a text editing box of course).


There may be some problems with the forum software, I just got a “User of the month” award!


Didn’t find any settings for thresholds and adjustements etc. If preferred we could switch it off though.
Here is the description:
“This badge is granted to congratulate two new users each month for their excellent overall contributions, as measured by how often their posts were liked, and by whom.”
Well, I’d just say - congrats! :slight_smile:

It’s nice to be appreciated :wink:

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