Do you bother recording MPE tracks? or just audio?

Sure I would, @David. I guess it’s a great tool for live performance. But I’m just a hobbyist and given the amount of practice it’s going to be a while before I do something in front of the public.

For me there is nothing as immediate, fast and straightforward as launching a few apps in AUM or AudioBus or ApeMatrix and just play.

Ideally, my answer would be “both.” Right now, it’s “neither.” I make sounds in realtime, and they’re gone a moment later. No recording of audio or of MIDI.

I will say, when I record either, it’s with the intent to manipulate. And I usually prefer to edit midi rather than audio, because it’s less destructive, in that I can alter the performance without changing the character of the instrument.

I don’t think anyone here wants to build MPE tracks from scratch with the mouse and keyboard. But there are many casual operations in the “salvage a near perfect take” bin, that I’d like at my disposal.

(Plus, why not? I probably would build expressive tracks with the mouse and keyboard. Sometimes. It’s good to have options.)