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Haken Audio

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Editor, Firmware, and User Guides — Haken Audio

The first time visiting there I had a hard time figuring out just how to download the firmware. The trick is to click on the “here” in “… can be found here.”

yeah, just to note… the firmware discussed here is only for the Haken Audio products, the Osmose firmware update is done via the Osmose Updater available on the Expressive E support website.

similarly, whilst the Editor from the Haken website should be the same/working on the Osmose, I guess potentially they could be slight variations differences (*) … so you might want to use the one linked to by Expressive E.

the editors will be the same over time.
however, sometimes the editor might require a specific (newer) firmware on the instrument.
haken, will of course, release this firmware for the continuum at exactly the same time as the editor.
but its possible, that expressive e might take a day or two to update there version.

personally, I think as they are in collaboration, this will work out fine - they will co-ordinate.
but perhaps be a bit cautious during these early days, as the ‘processes’ get ironed out :slight_smile: