EigenD 2.2.1 - macOS 12.3 (emergency fix)

as mentioned on this topic , macOS 12.3 breaks EigenD 2.2.0 for both Intel and Apple Silicon, since Apple have removed Python 2.7.

I don’t have time to do a full fix for this (which is to move to python3, which last time I tried had 'issues).

so for now Ive created a workaround:

Im releasing EigenD 2.2.1 , this is INTEL only, so will run under Rosetta on Apple Silicon.

to use this you will also have to installed Python 2.7 from python.org using this link - select macOS 64-bit installer - or use this direct link : macOS 64-bit installer :wink:

for Apple Silicon we have to (unfortunately) use Rosetta since I cannot find a universal build of Python 2.7 - but at least we have something to work with for now.

I consider this is a reasonable workaround, until I have time (which could be a few weeks from now) to looking into move EigenD to python3 and resolve its issues.
Then of course, we will return to having native apple silicon builds!


Awesome solution! and swift…
Yep, working nicely (EigenD, Stage and Workbench)
Many thanks !