EigenD 2.2.1 - macOS 12.3 (emergency fix)

as mentioned on this topic , macOS 12.3 breaks EigenD 2.2.0 for both Intel and Apple Silicon, since Apple have removed Python 2.7.

I don’t have time to do a full fix for this (which is to move to python3, which last time I tried had 'issues).

so for now Ive created a workaround:

Im releasing EigenD 2.2.1 , this is INTEL only, so will run under Rosetta on Apple Silicon.

to use this you will also have to installed Python 2.7 from python.org using this link - select macOS 64-bit installer - or use this direct link : macOS 64-bit installer :wink:

for Apple Silicon we have to (unfortunately) use Rosetta since I cannot find a universal build of Python 2.7 - but at least we have something to work with for now.

I consider this is a reasonable workaround, until I have time (which could be a few weeks from now) to looking into move EigenD to python3 and resolve its issues.
Then of course, we will return to having native apple silicon builds!


Awesome solution! and swift…
Yep, working nicely (EigenD, Stage and Workbench)
Many thanks !


technobear you are a stud,… here you underplay your magnifigance, of course a humble man is always teachable no?
just got my pico i traded a mixer, rather nice model 12 for…m1 of course so sigh - where would i the mere beginner be without your thoughtful guidance I salute you for this fabulous workaround much appreciation -
however…just in case worst comes and i have to do a manual install where pray tell should the files be installed?
installer doesnt like afps hd’s at all - considering i just had a 5 ter die and not wanting to give up its info i am inclined to agree with that assessment…
i do however have pacifist, and some basic savvy

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belay that have everything running even had sound for a minute, im going through the ape in the space shuttle phase atm, which i will eventually tire of mashing buttons with no sound and seek out tutorials, but first one must exhibit proper decorum and see how much they can intuit before reading the instructions - :slight_smile: again much appreciated

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cool, if you have any issues - raise a specific topic, then others can dig in.

please note:
the release has some limitations , in particular, iirc, the convolution module is not working, so that means things like the cello wont work.

back on topic - been busy with stuff for Superbooth, and then some follow up. thats basically done now.
so, I hope to get an opportunity to revisit this in coming weeks, and start researching the python upgrade… this is a pretty big task, and far from clear what changes this will require, so it’ll not be a quick fix - so, once I start, I’ll create a topic, so that I can report on its progress, and also what issue Im finding etc.

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you know I am having trouble reinstalling after some severe hd issues. I could migrate possibly but my hard drives get to be a mess so I figure the time taken to reinstall and leave the clutter on the externs is the best route to go. I am using Mac OS 13 now 2nd beta and I am a tad uncertain why the problem installing again since it literally is using the same structure - 13 was as far as I could tell just another step towards I am assuming complete integration of their systems

was pacifist or some such required to install to the new architecture as apple file system has completely stomped any capacity to recover my failed 5 tb hd - definitely making the move to ssd all the way, they have a limited life span, but that limit is relatively measurable where as 5tb suddenly taking all your sound libraries and half your os out is a serious bummer

or am I just not downloading the correct support and drivers for it? I am honestly baffled as it was smooth last time

ok on ventura one must use the terminal to remove quarantine, and i had to use an adhoc code signature to get eigend up and running -

in order to do an adhoc code signature and most likely the removal of quarantine one must have xcode

I will once i get my notes back on my device post the syntax for doing these steps.

Technobear can most likely help in that respect as well, i am assuming he has his own signature with the development community but since it costs $100 if he doesnt and he still going to be doing eigend for a while we the community should perhaps provide that for the guy as it will male such coding unnecessary, and it will make working with apples os a tad bit easier as apple is getting extremely paranoid now that literally everything has been hacked well that and i am reasonably certain they stressing on when someone is going to figure out how to unlock their chip so you can pay for the 600$ mac-mini and hack that baby into the 7k mac mini - i mean if he is ok with that hell im broke but ill put a 10 down on it if he aint got it.

Usually, you just use ‘open anyway’ in system settings ( assuming trust 3rd party developers)
You don’t need to use the command line, nor Xcode to do this

Is this no longer working ?

No what its saying is that the code signature is not valid. You have a developers code signature? it’s difficult to imagine trying to work with apples products without that little stamp as they want everything wrapped up nice n neat,

sadly it’s only going to get worse, near as i can tell i dont think the suite against them for unfair business practices is going to change anything either because they are rightfully paranoid…everything has been hacked. however like i say if you dont have a valid code signature seems like the least the community could do for your time is cover that little expense

I will in a litttle bit post the comands that will take care of the situation - copy and paste em problem solved but since doing my wipe n reinstall i haven’t quite got any life out of it yet… ill see what the deal is.

since they started implementing the security on the hardware itself its a major ordeal that’s beyond my adhd brain to even jailbreak them now let alone try to do any serious hacking - i was briefly looking into how to apply the gpu to dsp but apples chip is hard to get your fingers on - it’s their one serious vulnerability, they save a lot of time and energy on the manufacturing side but sooner orlater someone going to figure out how to unlock them babies and liike i say your 600 mac mini will with a mere jailbreak become a 7500$ model, if they are still doing it like that.

i would assume that they calculated that into their projections though, it was the first thing i thought when they said all the chips were the same and just had to be unlocked basically its got some dip switches in there somewhere lol

anyway ya codesignature my man thats whats causing trouble nothing else - ill shoot you a screen shot of it so you can look up the error code number if there is one

No, its seems you didnt read my post… this is completely unnecessary…

we have been able to open/install packages from ‘unidentified developers’ for decades, ever since, Apple introduced code signing.

yes, you get this when you try to open…
Screenshot 2022-06-30 at 22.09.26

so, as I stated, you go to security settings and get this …

click on ‘open anyway’ , and viola it will work (after a couple more 'are you sure ? ’ :slight_smile: )

as I said, this is not new… its been like this forever, and frankly Id be quite surprised if Apple ‘close this door’ , since a lot of software/developers use it.

is is the Apple way? no, of course not, they want devs to sign up and pay for their ecosystem.
but as of now, it’s not necessary - and Ive no intention of doing this until it is compulsory…
frankly, I’ve got many more important tasks on my list, than to mess with this.

anyway, all EigenD users are familiar with this (simple) routine, as have used it for over a decade now.
… and funny enough, Ive not even had new users ask about it, so I guessed it was fairly familiar to most macOS users.

p.s. I dont need a lecture on Apple signing polices etc, Im very familiar with this stuff :wink:

Ya it wasn’t having npne of it the last install I did but I am having other issues, I ended up having to install manually - no biggy with macs still… my entire oss was like swiss cheese when the hard drive failed I had it scattered all over the place… Sip was disabled so itd be easier for me to do what I needed to do to reassemble the hd, my mistake was going to beta because I couldnt update the current - once I did that the whole system came down… shrug don’t know first time was basic I mean I have to right click on most the software I use but — pacifist quite clearly stated that the signature was no longer valid so I figured I would let you know.
I will however not dispute you know way more than I merely reporting what I had to work with…my os is always kind of an exception though because I am always manipulating something and messing with the actuall system floders…half the time I even kind of think i know what I am doing…

which brings me to my reason for being here today…lets discuss eigen d for a moment if you would be so kin d…I am just now starting to look at the way the software really works with the pico - and it has an enormous amount of potential - but very little in the way of easily skimmed by someone with adhd style of information on this - so say i want to put a midi efffect in the au agent and route it out, that will work yes?
basically meaning i can effectively use midi modifiers internal to the pico - and i am just guessing here as I really do need to sit and go through the documentation better but essentially i would need to route it so it is affecting the signal after it actually goes through the translator -

thats it - actually it. clarified the question just asking but i still have to sit down and figure out how the connections work…ill do that on my own time though no need to bother you with it - the matrix is starting to make sense but i still end up with a bunch of spider webs of blue cords everywhere lol

one last thing, you dont use vst’s much i remember reading but have you performed before using an eigenharp without a screen? and how did that work any issues one should be aware of?

Theres an even quicker way. If you right click on the file and select open, rather than just double clicking on it, it will give you a different dialogue box that has the open anyway (probably just labelled open) built into it, so no need to go to system preferences.

please can you put questions on separate topics… bundling everything on a general topic is not helpful, as it clutters this topic. (which is solely for questions about this 2.2.1 release)

Im not sure what you mean exactly, would be useful to have an example… as there arent really any ‘midi effects’ in eigend, as its not focus on midi.

but if you you mean a vst midi fx into audio unit…
then it looks like

audio unit : midi output → audio unit : midi input

should do the trick ? no?

the hook and truck elements in workbench allow you to tidy things up, once you get into more complex patches - also placing things in rigs.

a lot of people use EigenD without a screen… it was very much designed for this.
the trick is to create a setup in workbench that puts the controls you need onto to keys on the eigenharp… and thats largely done via keygroups and talkers, and placing different ‘instruments’ in rigs.
this can all be seen in the factory setups.
the main factory setups, are a good example of whats possible.
however, to see how to create new ones, its best to look at the simpler examples. (in examples / experimental)

also start simple … the factory examples are complex, because they are ‘generic’, allowing lots of possibilities without changing the setup. but a user’s setups can be very simple focus on what they NEED.
tip: remember you can create many different simple setups, rather than trying to cram them into one.

as you say, there is not a lot of documentation on this side… and frankly, I think most of us learnt by experimentation and going thru the examples - which is not easy, and quite time consuming.

unfortunately, its not something I think any are keen to document, create videos tutorials for, as it’d be a huge undertaking, and would only be useful to a handful of people, so whilst I fully understand it would be invaluable to some - I can’t see it happening :frowning:
(also honestly, many of us only use it occasionally, so its easy to forget the specifics)

on the positive side, many of us have learnt by going thru the factory examples, so it is possible.
and you can ask specific questions here, and people will answer - again put on separate topics.

again, Id urge to keep it simple… really do only what you need to.

one common factor for beginners with EigenD that we have seen countless times, is people getting really tied up in nots trying to customise the eigenharp … and getting really frustrated with it - rather than just playing and enjoying it.
sure EigenD is a hugely configurable beast, but also 95% of musicians could probably never touch workbench, and use the standard setups. - just use it as a instrument.
(i.e. accepting limitations of the setup, just as you would , say a piano)

of course, as you get more experienced, you can then dig in, in small sessions, and try to adapt/tweak setups.

honestly, my favourite use of Workbench/custom setups, is to create small/focused setups - and that is mainly because they load much faster than the factory setups.
that said, on new Mac M1, this is not so much an issue these days, even the factory setups load pretty quickly…so it used to be a much bigger ‘issue’

finally, I’d point out, many use EigenD in conjunction with a DAW or something like GigPerformer.
partly the reason for this is the audio processing in EigenD is all done on a single core, which is very inefficient if you start using a lot of VSTs. so if instead you, use EigenD to send midi/osc to a daw, you can better utilise more cores on your computer, and also do things like audio fx in that program.
so basically, you dont need EigenD to do too much, other than mapping keys etc.

anyway, as above, please if you want to discuss this further create separate topics.