EigenD on MacOS Sonoma?

Hi friends, I am about to update my system to Sonoma but I afraid to EigenD stop to work. Do you know about the compatibility? I using Ventura on M1 now.

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No, but @thetechnobear will.

EigenD has been working fine on Sonoma on my Macs for quite a while :slight_smile:
(Mac mini M1 /MacBook M2)
(I think others are using as well, including @keymanpal)

so if you have it really working on Ventura, just upgrade and you shouldn’t have any issues. (at least as far as I know)

generally, Id advice against beta macOS builds, or within first few weeks of a new macOS release esp. if its your only computer. this gives time for me to update, and check nothing is broken.

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