EigenD - windows status?

Hi Mark,

First off kudos and thanks for organizing and moderating this community. It is my understanding that you are the go to for EigenD related questions…

I emailed their support team about specific questions of the software and they gave me the link to your most recent build. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get it to load on my PC (WIN10). However, I did find a lot of good info from their website.

My question remain:

Will there be any issue routing midi through EigenD to my DAW (Abelton) to control hosted VST’s?

I noticed that the current release is 32bit for WIN. Will that be problematic if my DAW/VST’s are 64bit?

How does their “subscription” service work, or does it even apply since you are their go to for software releases?

Lastly, any advice on how to get EigenD on my device? I downloaded the link, ran runtime 1.0 but when I went to load I got a message saying something about unable to load, maybe try downloading again (paraphrased;)

Thanks TechnoBear!

MOD NOTE: Ive moved this to a separate topic, better to have issues as topics, makes conversation easier to follow etc.

lets go thru these one at at time , easy ones first :wink:

No, this is what a lot of us do…

the reason is, EigenD only uses a single thread for VSTs, whereas mosts modern DAWs use at lease one thread per track - so better performance for multicore machines for some vsts.
(this is simplification :slight_smile: )

no problem at all for midi, but you can only load 32 bits VSTs into EigenD , unless you use a bridge.
(but many of us use midi, and then use a DAW alongside, or something like GigPerformer if you want for live performance use)

it’s not applicable any more, as EigenLabs made all the software free, and open source :slight_smile:

what do you mean by not load? what was the error?
you need to be very specific when describing issues… otherwise Ive no idea what the underlying cause is. (bare in mind, Ive tested everything I release… so Im not expecting issues :wink: )

at a random guess, it’s probably warns something like coming from an “untrusted” source, but it allows you to ignore this. but I’ll only know if I see the error.
(either write down the exact message of get a screenshot and post it)

unfortunately apple/microsoft are trying to push their ‘app stores’ so they can act as gatekeepers, and trying to frighten any users that anything not from their store is a virus … completely untrue of course, you just need to know who your are downloading from - called common sense :wink:

Hi Mark,

Thanks for taking the time to respond and address my questions individually. I do have follow up questions and also agree this is a better thread for such…

  1. To clarify, I can run my 64bit version of Abelton and host 64bit VST’s inside of EigenD as long as I use something like jBridge?

Fyi, I intend to use the Pico as a midi device to trigger VST’s alongside Ableton for live performance.

  1. I tried again to get EigenD to run on my device but no luck. I uninstalled anything Eigen-related then re-downloaded the run time, windows drivers and your current WIN 32 build. Everything seems to install correctly (see pic)

But when I go to launch the application. I get the following prompt:

Any idea of what I’m doing wrong??

Fyi, I don’t have a pico yet but was told by Eigenlabs support that I could run the application anyway to get a feel for it. Surface Pro 3/i5/128SSD/4GB RAM/ WIN10

Thanks again for your help,:man_dancing::bear:!

And, I too agree that this is the proper thread for the content…

if your sending midi to ableton, it doesn’t matter that EigenD is 32 bit, as your using Ableton (which is 64bit) to host the plugins etc - you will not need jbridge - so no problem :slight_smile:

you would only need jBridge if you wanted to host the 64 bit plugins directly inside EigenD.

ok, MSVCR110.dll is a microsoft VC++ runtime dll…
I guess microsoft have stopped shipping it in windows 10,
no worries, you just need to install the VC runtime distributable , as described here:


An update on the MSVCR110.dll, from installing on Windows recently, and I’m about to do it again at home, Microsoft put the .NET runtimes as Windows features that you can turn on and off. Type Turn Windows Features On and Off and enter that program. From memory I installed both 3.5 and 4.7, but I think it’s included in 3.5.

Something that I couldn’t figure out however, is where to put the resources folder on Windows. Suggestions?

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EigenD->Tools->Open Library directory

you’ll see there sound fonts, impulse response directories etc, that’s where you chuck there relevant resources.

(its the same for process for windows, mac and linux, the actual location varies for OS, but the above always should point to the correct place)

Ok, so I downloaded the missing VC runtime per your link and voila! Fixed it right away and was able to launch EigenD :grin:

However, while in EigenD I wasn’t able to locate any of my vst’s after attempting several scans. Can you tell me the advantage of hosting the vst’s in EigenD vs. your daw? I initially thought vst’s had to run through EigenD in order to send midi out…

Anyway, I am happy to have the software on my PC so I can fiddle around w/ it…
Thanks Mark!

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Thanks Mark for the location.
@yoabro I have custom VST_32 and VST_64 folders, so had to add them to the search path. I added the 32 bit folder as those are the ones that will work.
The main benefit of hosting the VSTs in a DAW is that modern DAWs are designed to make use of multiple CPU cores. EigenD on the other hand uses a single core for VST hosting. As a result you’ll get better performance routing through to a DAW.
Midi out from EigenD is a separate process. I generally modify the MIDI out from in Workbench. From here you can select any of the MIDI outputs that your computer knows about. Use the ‘Edit’ tool and click on the MIDI Output element to access the menu.


Thanks @zygurt. Your info along w/ @thetechnobear has given me a much better understanding of EigenD.

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You’re most welcome. I’m glad that the general knowledge that I’ve picked up over the years is being helpful.