Eigenharp Alpha for sale. SOLD!

I’m thinking of selling my Eigenharp Alpha since I don’t use it anymore. I bought it new in April 2017 and it’s in excellent condition since it’s very little used. I must admit that I’m still just a guitar guy, with a taste for ambient music. I’ll probably regret this decision but I can’t have such an exclusive instrument just for show.

The Alpha comes with Basestation Pro, 6m instrument cable, USB-cable, quick reference booklet, getting started guide, case from Hiscox, extra mouthpiece, software on DVD and USB stick, bassoon stand from K&M, laptop case/backpack and ”O”-rings.

I don’t know if there is a market out there, or what a fair price tag looks like. I’m thinking to get €3700 but I’m open for discussion. Shipping not included.


Jag är lite intresserad. Har den trä-inlägg eller är den svartlackad? En bild ser ut som det senare, en annan som det förra.

Kanske reser jag till Sälen i December, och kan då enkelt komma förbi dej i Mora. :wink:

It’s wood, I think it’s ebony - ebenholts in Swedish. You’re welcome to try it out if you come to Mora.

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It seems a fair price to me, but this is a pretty niche forum. I’d have thought you might need to list it on eBay/Reverb, where you might get a sale eventually. They’re rarely offered for sale, future availability seems doubtful, and if there was a new batch they’d cost a lot more than that. (If I had the cash I’d grab it myself.)

Just be careful selling internationally on sites like that. I nearly got burned by “chargeback” last time I sold something valuable on eBay.